Master Martin Valenzuela
Master Valenzuela at Las Vegas Open
Master Martin Valenzuela is a 5th Degree Black Belt under Grand Master Jong Kil Kang (9th Degree Black Belt and President of the World Brother Taekwondo).

Instructor Demetrius Eliopoulos  

Junior Instructor Desi
Mr. Eliopoulos started Taekwondo 5 years ago and received his 1st (Korean Martial Arts Association and KukKiWon) degree under Grand Master Gregory Glover and Master Miguel Paredes. 

Mr. Eliopoulos is an AAU Certified Referee and Team Captain of Team Dragons.
Mr. Eliopoulos has participated in many tournaments throughout Arizona, California, Nevada and New New Mexico, and in many State Qualifiers, and Nationals. Mr. Eliopoulos is a 2014 Gold Medalist. 

Instructor Kaila Sue Kienast

Kaila Kienast had been in the Taekwondo industry for 8 years and received her 1st Degree Black Belt back in March of 2014 (KukKiwon certified) under Grand Master Wesley Truchanowicz. In December of 2016, Ms. Kienast received her 2nd Degree Black Belt (KukKiwon certified) under Master Miguel Paredes.

Ms. Kienast has been a Taekwondo instructor for over 5 years and received her class D-2 Taekwondo referee certification 3 years ago. 
Ms. Kienast has competed in many tournaments in the United States and received competitor of the year in 2011 along with numerous gold medals. Taekwondo is much more than a hobby for Ms. Kienast, it is her passion. 


Instructors and coaches at arizona dragons
Instructors martin, Enrique, Miguel and Emely
Instructor Enrique, Master Martin, Coach Miguel and Instructor Antonio
Instructor's Picture
Front the Back Starting on the left: Mrs Emily, Manuel, Raymond, Desiray. Front Left to right: Coach Miguel, Master Sanchez, Master Valenzuela and Grand Master Glover

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