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The Importance of Competing in Tournaments

Why is it important to participate in local and national tournaments?

Competing in tournaments builds self confidence, teaches one to be a team and individual player, and improves a student's sparring and general techniques

Self Confidence: As you continue to participate in local and national tournaments, a competitor can expect to increase his/her self confidence. Having to perform under pressure and in front of a crowd of spectators, a student will learn how to compete in front of others and how to handle pressure in a positive way. This gain in self confidence can be applied not only in the dojo, but also in life.

Becoming a Team and Individual Player: When students begins to compete in tournaments, it is not only that one student who will be in attendance. Taekwondo familes stick together, so they always get a group of students together and go as a team group to represent their Taekwondo school. Not only will the students learn to support one another in competition, but also will get the opportunity to coach one another. This will build their friendship with the other students in their dojo, but also they will learn how to teach one another to bring out everyone's best ability.
   Becoming an individual player is key to success in competing in tournaments. A student will learn how to compete as in individual by demonstrating their Poomse (Forms), board breaking, and free sparring competitively. Learning how to compete in tournaments individually comes with many benefits and is definitely an incredible experience.

Improving One's Free Sparring and General Techniques: There is so much to learn when a student competes in local and national tournaments. Whether they win or lose, they will gain a knowledge of what they are good at, or what they need to improve upon. This applies to free sparring, board breaking, and Poomse (Forms). A student will then be able to take that knowledge that is gained from competing in tournaments, and be able to return to the dojo and practice what he/she needs to work on. Then when the next tournament comes, they will have a better understanding and new techniques to apply at a competitive level.

Competing in local and national tournaments can enhance a student's Taekwondo experience a great deal. Whether it be through gaining self confidence, becoming a team and individual player, or improving their sparring and general techniques, something positive will always come out of competing. Here at Arizona Dragons Taekwondo, we encourage each and every student to do their very best to compete in every tournament they can, and we look forward to seeing everyone improve and take home that Gold medal!

-The Arizona Dragons Taekwondo Family

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